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Ordering FAQ

Can I buy your products on-line?
Yes. Click here to buy one of our products on-line via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or PayPal.
Where can I order Parastream Products?
You can order any of our products directly from the Parastream Technologies web site.
Is there a distributor for International orders?
Both domestic and international customers may order any of our products directly from Parastream Technologies.
We are on a tight deadline and need a software product immediately. What is the shipping/delivery time?
Electronic Secure Delivery for both domestic and international orders is usually made available within a few minutes of ordering.
I need physical media for your software product for expensing purposes. Can I order the software product on a CD to be shipped?
Most of our software products are also available on CD for an additional charge plus shipping and handling.
How does electronic delivery work?
Once we receive payment, you will receive an email with instructions for how to log on and download the software within 24 hours. For on-line orders paid for by a credit card or PayPal, the instructions are sent within a few minutes.
What methods of payment are accepted?
We accept major charge cards, checks, and money orders.
Are Purchase Orders (POs) Accepted?
We regret that we cannot accept Purchase Orders.
Can I order the products on-line? Can I fax in an order?
Click here for secure on-line transactions. We regret that we cannot accept fax orders.
Do you have a site where I can download demos and/or the products?
Demos and products may be ordered from the catalog, or any of the individual product description pages. Demos may be downloaded from the free software page.
What is the total price?
All product prices are listed in the catalog. Sales Tax and Shipping and Handling charges do not currently apply for Electronic Secure Delivery of software, but may apply when ordering hardware or a CD or floppy disk.
What is the charge for sales tax?
7% sales tax is charged to Georgia shipping addresses. Software delivered electronically is exempt from Georgia sales tax. If you order items other than Electronic Secure Delivery (ESD) software from our on-line store, all Georgia customers will be charged 7% sales tax. If you are a tax-exempt customer or are shipping to a county whose sales tax rate is less than 7%, you may request a refund by filling out our feedback form. Be sure to include your name and invoice number. Please see the section on Sales Tax for more information, especially tax-exempt customers.
Are there any shipping or handling charges?
There are no shipping and handling charges for Electronic Secure Delivery of software. Shipping charges may apply to orders for hardware, or software on CD or diskette.

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