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(Vintage Korg BX-3/CX-3)

Request Form

Use this form to begin the evaluation process before purchasing a Parastream Vintage BX-3/CX-3 Repair Service kit. Depending on your skill level and/or the symptoms of the instrument, we may recommend you not purchase the repair kit and instead take it to a local repair shop and tell the shop manager about the availability of this repair service.

Please describe yourself:

Please describe the organ's symptoms:
Tell us how to get in touch with you:
You only have to fill out the fields that pertain to the ways you would like to be contacted.

Prove you're not a robot. Not that we have anything against robots; they are great at performing repetitive tasks. However, we do draw the line at robots performing the repetitive task of spamming web forms.

Type the characters you see in the box below. Upper and lower case matters. If you have trouble with the image, just refresh your browser and you will get a different image.
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