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Parastream Strategic Partnerships

We have partnered with many service providers to help Parastream Technologies to function at its best. They are listed alphabetically by name here. Click on the company’s logo to visit their web page. is the domain registrar for The Whois Proof service helps keep the WHOIS spam away! We originally purchased way back in a fit of temporary insanity when we thought we wanted to get into the private web hosting business for some of our clients. We quickly came to our senses and now use the domain as a mirror of It’s mainly there to keep “similar” domains with us. Unfortunately, Active-domain has been purchased by EIG, and we will move to another registrar when it expires in 2022.
Atwood Heavy Industries (Code Project user wumpus1) created the CAPTCHA control we use to validate all of the forms on our web site. This control was very simple to add to the web site and has done an outstanding job, virtually eliminating robot form spammers.
Jim Geurts created FluentScheduler, a task scheduler with fluent interface that runs automated jobs from your application. Our web site uses FluentScheduler to manage background tasks such as email delivery and database maintenance. Super-easy to set up and use.
Grasshopper has been Parastream’s telecommunications provider since 2011. It directs our incoming calls, handles voice mail, and incoming faxes.
HostDime is the domain registrar for, and two personal domains. Powered by enom. The ID Protect (powered by service helps keep the WHOIS spam away!
Host4ASP.NET has been hosting all of Parastream’s web sites and SQL databases since 2015. Great pricing and reasonable service. They are not an EIG owned hosting company! This is important to us, after our disastrous relationship with Arvixe after the EIG acquisition. We also love how they notify us in advance of downtimes for upgrades and repairs via email, so we’re almost never caught by surprise. The biggest downside is their inability to fix what should be routine problems. For instance, they could not get any of our scheduled tasks to work. After a couple of additional unfixable problems, we have decided to move to another hosting company later this year.
JRank is the search engine for all of Parastream’s web sites since 2011. We has started writing our own as part of a product offering (PagePorter), but the entire project was shelved in 2005. Later on, we found JRank. It works so well, why would you want to write your own? Besides, it’s free!
On the development side, we have used Microsoft development tools and databases to create our web sites as well as some of our products since our beginning in 2002. Our web sites starting with FrontPage in 2002, and we quickly became early adopters of the .NET platform. We created a couple of (now retired) products for Visual Studio .NET 2003. We are now using Visual Studio 2015, .NET 4.5, and MSSQL 2012 for our web sites.
On the business side, we use Office 365 and OneDrive. Microsoft also handles our Exchange email hosting through GoDaddy.
We use PayPal as our exclusive payment processor since 2002. Easy to integrate into your site. Reasonable rates. We spend more time developing products and less managing payments.
Since 2014, we have been using to continuously check the availability of this web site. You can sign up for a free account here, which allows you to monitor one web site. That’s what we do. It’s not easy to find this offer on their web site, but is being offered as of November 5, 2015. Starting January 28, 2016, the free plan will offer fewer features than the current free plan, but it is still good enough for our purposes.
Since 2003, we have been using Thawte for our SSL certificates to keep your personal information safe. Now, Thawte is too expensive and too little market share. In October, we're moving to COMODO.
From the beginning, USPS has been our primary shipping method. It doesn’t hurt that they pick up and deliver with no hassle, even when things are slow for us.

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