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Parastream Consulting Services

Parastream Technologies strives to keep our overhead low and our customer satisfaction high. You’ll get more quality, experience, personal attention, and results for your money, when compared with other consulting firms.

Maybe you need a development “effort-booster” on your existing project to meet a deadline or increase quality. Maybe you need some help in putting your next project together because your team lacks experience or expertise in a particular area. Maybe you’re the project manager or lead thinking “there has to be a better way to do this” — we’ll come in and show you how we do it. Or maybe your team is fully engaged in design and development efforts and you can’t get the staff to do an adequate job in testing, or writing the installation program. Whatever the reason, you can count on Parastream Technologies to deliver quality services at reasonable rates. We’re there when you need us, and we’re not when you don’t! If you ship a better product with fewer headaches when we’re finished, we’ve done our job!

Experience counts. Our consultants have decades of experience in software, firmware, and hardware development. Take a look at our résumés and see if we have the expertise and experience you need. If your situation requires it, we may be able to add other qualified outside staff to your job. Contact us today and let's talk about your project. We work hard to be knowledgeable and flexible. We want your business!

We can work on your premises or in our state of the art facility. We bill either time and materials or firm/fixed, depending on the project and other circumstances.

Microsoft Windows Development

Is your current project a little short-handed? Do you manage a current Windows development project that’s just a little beyond what your team is comfortable with? Do you need a Windows application as part of your embedded project, but can’t justify a full-time Windows developer? 

  • Develop in C, C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET, or Visual Basic.
  • Can handle all aspects of your application development, or work with your team.
  • Enhancement of existing applications.
  • Developing standards for your development team (UI, coding, etc.).
  • Create or modify COM, ActiveX, and .NET Windows Forms controls.

Embedded Systems Development

Got hardware? Need firmware? We’ve written firmware for printers, modems, video terminals, set top boxes, and other gadgets. Whether it’s a small system written in Z80 or 8051 assembler or a multi-processor system written in pSOS and C++, we have the experience and hardware expertise to do the job. We can even work with your hardware designers to make sure the platform will be adequate and cost effective for the application.

Software Internationalization

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions to the right, you may benefit from our Software Internationalization service. Even if your product only runs in English in the USA, you still should check this out.

  • Does your application need to run in more than one user language?
  • Does your application need to run in more than one country, even if the language stays the same?
  • Do you want your user interface elements to display the way your users want instead of the way your programmers hard-coded?
  • Do you want to be able to fix the grammar, spelling, and usage errors made by programmers without risking the integrity of the code?

See what our past clients have had to say. Take a look at our résumés and see if we have the expertise and experience you need.

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