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Vintage Repair Components

Don’t you just hate it when you’re repairing a piece of vintage gear and you seem to be forced into replacing an IC with one with a modern date code. Wouldn’t it be great if you could replace it with one from the same era, maybe even the same manufacturer? We are slowly publishing our list of vintage ICs for sale so you don’t have to compromise. Every IC has been functionally tested with a Xgecu TL866-II unless otherwise stated. Most are NOS, and a few are recovered from sockets. If they have been unsoldered from old boards, they are listed as Unsoldered. Please be respectful of others and buy only what you need.

DescriptionPart NumberAvailabilityUnit Price (USD)Ordering
7400, National, DM7400N, 152-201, PDIP55-000000003 in stock$2.00
7401, ITT, 7401 J, 7326, CDIP55-0000000710 in stock$2.50
7401, ITT, 7401N, 7329, PDIP55-0000000817 in stock$2.00
7401, Signetics, N7401A, 7217-7249, PDIP55-000000092 in stock$2.00
7401, Texas Instruments, SN7401N, 6941, PDIP55-000000102 in stock$2.00
7402, ITT, 7402N, 7331, PDIP55-000000123 in stock$2.00
7402, Signetics, N7402A, 7441-7625, PDIP55-000000112 in stock$2.00
7402, Texas Instruments, SN7402N, 6914A, PDIP55-000000131 in stock$2.00
7403, Texas Instruments, SN7403N, 7248, PDIP55-000000197 in stock$2.00
7404, ITT, 7404 N, 7147-7208, PDIP55-000000302 in stock$2.00
7404, Motorola, MC7404P, 7404, PDIP55-000000312 in stock$2.00
7404, National, DM/SN7404N NS8004N, 7104-7204, PDIP55-000000333 in stock$2.00
7404, Signetics, N7404A, 7325, PDIP55-000000322 in stock$2.00
7404, Stewart Warner, SW7404N, 7328, PDIP55-000000343 in stock$2.00
7404, Texas Instruments, SN7404N, 7038-7052, PDIP55-000000293 in stock$2.00
7404, Texas Instruments, SN7404N, 7347-7410, PDIP55-0000002749 in stock$2.00
7404, Texas Instruments, SN7404N, 7806, PDIP55-000000281 in stock$2.00
7405, National, DM/SN7405N NS8005N, 145-205, PDIP55-000000373 in stock$2.00
7405, National, DM7405N, 711, PDIP55-000000361 in stock$2.00
7405, Texas Instruments, SN7405N, 8018, PDIP, El Salvador55-000000351 in stock$2.00
7406, National, DM/SN7406N NS8006N, 221, PDIP55-000000383 in stock$2.00
7406, Texas Instruments, SN7406N, 7141A, PDIP55-000000401 in stock$2.00
7406, Texas Instruments, SN7406N, 7340, PDIP55-000000393 in stock$2.00
7407, Stewart Warner, SW 7407-N, 7435, PDIP55-000000411 in stock$2.00
7408, ITT, 7408N, 7240-7331, PDIP55-000000457 in stock$2.00
7408, Motorola, MC7408P, 7239, PDIP Gold Leads55-000000442 in stock$3.00
7408, Motorola, MC7408P, 7244, PDIP55-000000431 in stock$2.00
7408, National, DM/SN7408N NS8008N, 221, PDIP55-000000464 in stock$2.00
7408, Signetics, N7408A, 7247, PDIP55-000000476 in stock$2.00
7410, Motorola, MC7410P, 7145, PDIP Gold Leads, Unsoldered55-000000581 in stock$2.50
7410, Texas Instruments, SN7410, 7120-7203, PDIP55-000000574 in stock$2.00
7417, Texas Instruments, SN7417N, 7923, PDIP, Malaysia55-000000422 in stock$2.00
74F00, Fairchild, 74F00 PC, 8350, PDIP, Indonesia55-000000012 in stock$2.00
74F00, Fairchild, 74F00 PC, 8350, PDIP, Unsoldered55-000000062 in stock$1.50
74F02, Fairchild, 74F02 PC, 8403, PDIP, Indonesia55-000000142 in stock$2.00
74F04, Fairchild, 74F04 PC, 8416, PDIP, Indonesia55-000000234 in stock$2.00
74F08, Fairchild, 74F08 PC, 8417, PDIP, Indonesia55-000000512 in stock$2.00
74F10, Fairchild, 74F10 PC, 8343, PDIP, Indonesia55-000000524 in stock$2.00
74H04, Texas Instruments, SN74H04N, 7345, PDIP55-000000244 in stock$2.00
74L04, Texas Instruments, SN74L04N, 7037A, PDIP55-000000201 in stock$2.00
74LS00, National, DM74LS00N, 931, PDIP55-000000033 in stock$2.00
74LS00, Texas Instruments, SN74LS00N, 7736, PDIP55-000000021 in stock$2.00
74LS02, Fairchild, 74LS02 PC, 7626-7927, PDIP, Indonesia55-000000152 in stock$2.00
74LS02, Signetics, 74LS02N, 7737-7741, PDIP55-000000162 in stock$2.00
74LS02, Texas Instruments, SN74LS02N, M 7528, PDIP55-000000171 in stock$2.00
74LS04, National, DM74LS04N, 722-817, PDIP55-000000228 in stock$2.00
74LS04, Texas Instruments, SN74LS04N, G7615, PDIP55-000000211 in stock$2.00
74LS08, Texas Instruments, SN74LS08N, 7806, PDIP, El Salvador55-000000502 in stock$2.00
74LS10, National, DM74LS10, 704, PDIP55-000000561 in stock$2.00
74LS10, Signetics, 3013505-00 74LS10, K7702, PDIP55-000000541 in stock$2.00
74LS10, Texas Instruments, SN74LS10N, 7749, PDIP, El Salvador55-000000531 in stock$2.00
74S00, Texas Instruments, SN74S00N, J549AJK AHA7801, PDIP55-000000042 in stock$2.00
74S00, Transitron, TG74S00J, 7240, CDIP, Unsoldered55-000000052 in stock$2.00
74S02, Signetics, 74S02N, 7714, PDIP55-000000181 in stock$2.00
74S04, Signetics, 74S04N, 7714, PDIP55-000000267 in stock$2.00
74S04, Texas Instruments, SN74S04N, 8022, PDIP, El Salvador55-000000251 in stock$2.00
74S08, Signetics, 74S08F, 7713, CDIP55-000000481 in stock$2.50
74S08, Texas Instruments, SN74S08N, 7701, PDIP55-000000497 in stock$2.00
74S10, Signetics, 3013505-00 74S10N, 7713, PDIP55-000000551 in stock$2.00

Important information for Customers outside the US: If you choose to ship via International Economy, Parastream can only guarantee that your shipment arrives at the point of entry into your country. The tracking number may not provide status once it reaches your country. Parastream will not be able to offer any assistance in tracking your shipment once it reaches your country. If you require complete end-to-end tracking and delivery guarantees, you should choose Standard International. More information...

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