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Don’t you just hate it when you’re repairing a piece of vintage gear and you seem to be forced into replacing an IC with one with a modern date code. Wouldn’t it be great if you could replace it with one from the same era, maybe even the same manufacturer? We are slowly publishing our list of vintage ICs for sale so you don’t have to compromise. Every IC has been functionally tested with a Xgecu TL866-II unless marked with [-]. Most are NOS (New Old Stock). Some use the following codes to indicate their origin:

  • [P] Pulled − Pulled from sockets
  • [R] Reclaimed − Hand desoldered from circuit boards.
  • [U] Used − Professionally removed from sockets or circuit boards. The pins are straight and refinished.

Texas Instruments ICs from this era are notorious for developing a black tarnish on the leads. We do not remove this tarnish other than what is necessary for testing. You should remove this tarnish before inserting into a socket or soldering into a circuit board. Date codes before 1970 carry an extra premium, as do devices with gold leads.

DescriptionPart NumberAvailabilityUnit Price (USD)QuantityOrdering
4024B, Motorola, MC14024B CP 7816, PDIP55-0000023212 in stock$3.00
7401, ITT, 7401 J, 7326, CDIP55-000000079 in stock$2.50
7401, ITT, 7401N, 7329, PDIP55-0000000815 in stock$2.00
7401, Signetics, N7401A, 7217-7249, PDIP55-000000092 in stock$2.00
7401, Texas Instruments, SN7401N, 6941, PDIP55-000000102 in stock$4.00
7402, ITT, 7402N, 7331, PDIP55-000000123 in stock$2.00
7402, Signetics, N7402A, 7441-7625, PDIP55-000000111 in stock$2.00
7403, Texas Instruments, SN7403N, 7248, PDIP55-000000196 in stock$2.00
7404, ITT, 7404 N, 7147-7208, PDIP55-000000302 in stock$2.00
7404, Motorola, MC7404P, 7404, PDIP55-000000312 in stock$2.00
7404, National, DM/SN7404N NS8004N, 7151-7204, PDIP55-000000334 in stock$2.00
7404, Signetics, N7404A, 7325, PDIP55-000000322 in stock$2.00
7404, Stewart Warner, SW7404N, 7328, PDIP55-000000342 in stock$2.00
7404, Texas Instruments, SN7404N, 7038-7052, PDIP55-000000293 in stock$2.00
7404, Texas Instruments, SN7404N, 7347-7410, PDIP55-00000027In stock$2.00
7404, Texas Instruments, SN7404N, 7806, PDIP55-000000281 in stock$2.00
7405, National, DM/SN7405N NS8005N, 145-205, PDIP55-000000373 in stock$2.00
7405, Texas Instruments, SN7405N, 8018, PDIP, El Salvador55-000000351 in stock$2.00
7406, National, DM/SN7406N NS8006N, 221, PDIP55-000000382 in stock$2.00
7406, Texas Instruments, SN7406N, 7141A, PDIP55-000000401 in stock$2.00
7406, Texas Instruments, SN7406N, 7340, PDIP55-000000393 in stock$2.00
7408, ITT, 7408N, 7240-7331, PDIP55-000000457 in stock$2.00
7408, Motorola, MC7408P, 7239, PDIP Gold Leads55-000000442 in stock$3.00
7408, Motorola, MC7408P, 7244, PDIP55-000000431 in stock$2.00
7408, National, DM/SN7408N NS8008N, 221, PDIP55-000000463 in stock$2.00
7408, Signetics, N7408A, 7247, PDIP55-000000476 in stock$2.00
7410, Motorola, MC7410P, 7145, PDIP [R], Gold Leads55-000000581 in stock$2.50
7410, Texas Instruments, SN7410, 7120-7203, PDIP55-000000573 in stock$2.00
74107, Signetics, 74107A, 7541, PDIP55-000001552 in stock$4.00
74121, National, DM74121N, 324, PDIP [-]55-000001571 in stock$3.00
74123, Signetics, 74123 CY323 B, 7713, PDIP [-]55-000001611 in stock$3.00
74123, Signetics, N74123B, 7141, PDIP [-]55-000001601 in stock$3.00
74123, Stewart Warner, SW74123J, 7339, CDIP [-]55-000001591 in stock$4.50
74150, Motorola, MC74150P, 7352, PDIP, Gold Leads55-000001721 in stock$4.00
74154, Texas Instruments, SN74154N, 7740, PDIP55-000001762 in stock$2.00
74156, Stewart Warner, SW74156N, 7348, PDIP55-000001791 in stock$2.00
74157, AMD, SN74157N, 7733P, PDIP55-000001818 in stock$2.00
74157, National, DM74157N 9322, 442, PDIP55-000001821 in stock$2.00
7416, Texas Instruments, SN7416N, 7810, PDIP, El Salvador55-000000652 in stock$2.00
74161, Fairchild, 74161 PC, 7624, PDIP [-]55-000002311 in stock$4.00
74161, National, DM74161AN, 520, PDIP [-]55-000002291 in stock$4.00
74161, Texas Instruments, SN74161N, 7615, PDIP [-]55-000002301 in stock$4.00
74164, Fairchild, 93164/74164, PCF7420, PDIP55-000001911 in stock$4.00
74165, National, DM74165N, 340, PDIP55-000001941 in stock$4.00
7417, Texas Instruments, SN7417N, 7923, PDIP, Malaysia55-000000421 in stock$2.00
74176, National, DM74176N, 428, PDIP55-000001991 in stock$4.00
74177, National, DM74177N, 708, PDIP55-000002001 in stock$4.00
74193, Stewart Warner, SW74193J, 7250, CDIP55-000002021 in stock$6.00
74193, Texas Instruments, SN74193N, 7718, PDIP, El Salvador55-000002032 in stock$4.00
74195, National, SM74195N, 440, PDIP55-000002051 in stock$4.00
74195, Texas Instruments, SN74195N, 7545, PDIP, El Salvador55-000002062 in stock$4.00
7420, National, DM8020N SN7420N, NS 51, PDIP, Gold Leads55-000000662 in stock$3.00
7420, Signetics, N7420A, 7137, PDIP55-000000677 in stock$2.00
7425, Texas Instruments, SN7425N, 7209A-7237, PDIP55-000000762 in stock$2.00
7427, Texas Instruments, SN7427N, 7131-7313, PDIP55-00000078In stock$2.00
7428, Signetics, N7428A, 7417, PDIP55-000000802 in stock$2.00
7430, National, DM/SN7430N NS8030N, 142-206, PDIP55-000000824 in stock$2.00
7430, Texas Instruments, SN7430N, 7038A-7042A, PDIP55-000000832 in stock$2.00
7432, ITT, 7432N, 7327-7331, PDIP55-000000873 in stock$2.00
7432, National, DM/SN7432N NS8032N, 213, PDIP55-000000881 in stock$2.00
7432, National, DM7432N, 244, PDIP55-000000896 in stock$2.00
7432, Texas Instruments, SN7432N, 7418, PDIP55-000000901 in stock$2.00
74367, National, DM74367N DM8097N, 939, PDIP55-000002221 in stock$2.00
74367, Texas Instruments, SN74367N, 7806, PDIP, El Salvador55-000002232 in stock$2.00
74368, Texas Instruments, SN74368N, 7623, PDIP, El Salvador55-000002241 in stock$2.00
7437, ITT, 7437J, 7251, CDIP55-000000961 in stock$2.50
7437, ITT, 7437N, 7312, PDIP55-000000951 in stock$2.00
7437, Signetics, N7437A, 7150-7203, PDIP55-000000972 in stock$2.00
7437, Stewart Warner, SW 7437N, 7315, PDIP55-000000993 in stock$2.00
7437, Stewart Warner, SW 7437-N, 7401, PDIP55-000000981 in stock$2.00
7437, Texas Instruments, SN7437N, 7139-7148, PDIP55-000001003 in stock$2.00
7437, Texas Instruments, SN7437N, 7309, PDIP55-000001019 in stock$2.00
7437, Texas Instruments, SN7437N, AHA7544 PDIP55-000001023 in stock$2.00
7438, National, DM7438N, P8321A+, PDIP55-000001041 in stock$2.00
74393, Texas Instruments, SN74393N, Z7736, PDIP, Brazil55-000002281 in stock$4.00
7445, RIFA, RD7445N, R521, PDIP55-000001051 in stock$4.00
7446, National, DM5446AJ, 505, CDIP55-000001062 in stock$6.00
7451, National, DM/SN7451N 8051N, 227, PDIP55-000001082 in stock$2.00
7451, Signetics, N7451A, 7303, PDIP55-0000010910 in stock$2.00
7451, Signetics, N7451A, 7313, PDIP55-0000011015 in stock$2.00
7451, Signetics, N7451A, 7401, PDIP55-000001112 in stock$2.00
7451, Texas Instruments, SN7451N, 6933A-6936A, PDIP55-000001126 in stock$4.00
7451, Texas Instruments, SN7451N, 7038A-7046A, PDIP55-000001133 in stock$2.00
7472, Texas Instruments, SN7472N, 6707A, PDIP55-000001162 in stock$10.00
7473, Signetics, N7473A, 6945, PDIP55-0000011710 in stock$4.00
7474, National, DM/SN7474N 8510N, 113, PDIP55-000001181 in stock$2.00
7475, Motorola, MC7475P, 7307, PDIP, Gold Leads55-0000013015 in stock$3.00
7475, National, DM7475N, 332-340, PDIP55-000001327 in stock$2.00
7475, National, ULI7475N, 312, PDIP55-000001331 in stock$1.50
7475, Signetics, N7475B, 7306-7336, PDIP55-00000128In stock$2.00
7475, Stewart Warner, SW 7475-J, 7235, CDIP55-000001311 in stock$2.50
7475, Teledyne, TF7475J, 7338, CDIP55-00000129In stock$2.50
7486, ITT, 7486N, 7319, PDIP55-000001391 in stock$2.00
7486, Texas Instruments, SN7486N, AZ7645, PDIP, Brazil55-000001413 in stock$2.00
7489, AMD, P3101 SN7489N, 7346, PDIP55-000001431 in stock$4.00
7489, National, DM7489N, 352, PDIP55-000001442 in stock$4.00
7493, National, DM7493N, 448, PDIP55-000001451 in stock$4.00
7493, Signetics, N7493A, 7051, PDIP [R]55-000001461 in stock$3.50
7493, Texas Instruments, SN7493AN, 7545, PDIP55-000001481 in stock$4.00
7493, Texas Instruments, SN7493N, 7204A, PDIP55-000001471 in stock$4.00
7496, National, DM/SN7496N NS8572N, 121, PDIP55-000001532 in stock$4.00
74F00, Fairchild, 74F00 PC, 8350, PDIP [R], Indonesia55-000000062 in stock$1.50
74F00, Fairchild, 74F00 PC, 8350, PDIP, Indonesia55-000000012 in stock$2.00
74F02, Fairchild, 74F02 PC, 8403, PDIP, Indonesia55-000000142 in stock$2.00
74F04, Fairchild, 74F04 PC, 8416, PDIP, Indonesia55-000000234 in stock$2.00
74F08, Fairchild, 74F08 PC, 8417, PDIP, Indonesia55-000000512 in stock$2.00
74F10, Fairchild, 74F10 PC, 8343, PDIP, Indonesia55-000000524 in stock$2.00
74F258, Fairchild, 74F258 PC, 8314, PDIP [R], Indonesia55-000002152 in stock$3.50
74F32, Fairchild, 74F32 PC, 8352, PDIP [R], Indonesia55-000000911 in stock$1.50
74F352, Fairchild, 74F352PC, 8224, PDIP, Indonesia55-000002213 in stock$3.00
74F74, Fairchild, 74F74 PC, 8402, PDIP [R], Indonesia55-000001211 in stock$1.50
74F74, Fairchild, 74F74 PC, 8440, PDIP, Indonesia55-000001223 in stock$2.00
74H04, Texas Instruments, SN74H04N, 7345, PDIP55-000000244 in stock$2.00
74H11, Motorola, MC3006P MC74H11P, 7203-7350, PDIP55-000000593 in stock$2.00
74H11, Texas Instruments, SN74H11N, 7336, PDIP55-000000601 in stock$2.00
74H21, Signetics, N74H20A, 7213, PDIP55-000000732 in stock$2.00
74H54, Motorola, MC3033P (74H54N), 7106, PDIP, Gold Leads55-0000011410 in stock$3.00
74H74, Fairchild, 9H74/74H74 DC, 7421, CDIP55-000001201 in stock$2.50
74L04, Texas Instruments, SN74L04N, 7037A, PDIP55-000000201 in stock$2.00
74LS00, National, DM74LS00N, 931, PDIP55-000000032 in stock$2.00
74LS00, Texas Instruments, SN74LS00N, 7736, PDIP55-000000021 in stock$2.00
74LS02, Fairchild, 74LS02 PC, 7626-7927, PDIP, Indonesia55-000000152 in stock$2.00
74LS02, Signetics, 74LS02N, 7625-7737, PDIP55-000000162 in stock$2.00
74LS02, Texas Instruments, SN74LS02N, M 7528, PDIP55-000000171 in stock$2.00
74LS04, National, DM74LS04N, 722-817, PDIP55-000000226 in stock$2.00
74LS04, Texas Instruments, SN74LS04N, G7615, PDIP55-000000211 in stock$2.00
74LS08, Texas Instruments, SN74LS08N, 7806, PDIP, El Salvador55-000000502 in stock$2.00
74LS10, National, DM74LS10, 704, PDIP55-000000561 in stock$2.00
74LS10, Signetics, 3013505-00 74LS10, K7702, PDIP55-000000541 in stock$2.00
74LS10, Texas Instruments, SN74LS10N, 7749, PDIP, El Salvador55-000000531 in stock$2.00
74LS109, National, DM74LS109N, 014 *P, PDIP55-000001561 in stock$4.00
74LS11, Texas Instruments, SN74LS11N, 7749-7936A, PDIP55-000000612 in stock$2.00
74LS122, Texas Instruments, SN74LS122N, 7910, PDIP [-]55-000001581 in stock$3.00
74LS123, National, DM74LS123N, 811, PDIP [-]55-000001621 in stock$3.00
74LS124, Texas Instruments, SN74LS124N, 7845X, PDIP [-], El Salvador55-000001634 in stock$3.00
74LS124, Texas Instruments, SN74LS124N, M 7541, PDIP [-], Extra Hand-markings55-000001645 in stock$1.50
74LS138, National, DM74LS138N, 706-707, PDIP55-000001682 in stock$2.00
74LS138, Texas Instruments, SN74LS138N, 8018A, PDIP, El Salvador55-000001691 in stock$2.00
74LS139, Texas Instruments, SN74LS139N, 7745, PDIP, El Salvador55-000001701 in stock$2.00
74LS14, Fairchild, 74LS14 PC, 8320, PDIP [R], Singapore55-000000621 in stock$1.50
74LS14, National, DM74LS14N, 721, PDIP55-000000631 in stock$2.00
74LS151, Hitachi, HD74LS151P, 3C46, PDIP55-000001731 in stock$2.00
74LS151, Texas Instruments, SN74LS151N, 8048X, PDIP55-000001741 in stock$2.00
74LS153, Signetics, 74LS153N, 7710, PDIP55-000001751 in stock$2.00
74LS155, Motorola, SN74LS155N, 7713, PDIP55-000001771 in stock$2.00
74LS155, Texas Instruments, SN74LS155N, G7619-7818, PDIP55-000001782 in stock$2.00
74LS156, National, DM74LS156N, 638, PDIP55-000001803 in stock$2.00
74LS157, National, DM74LS157N, 720, PDIP55-000001831 in stock$2.00
74LS157, Signetics, N74LS157B, 7620, PDIP55-000001841 in stock$2.00
74LS161, National, DM74LS161N, 037P*, PDIP55-000001861 in stock$4.00
74LS162, Texas Instruments, SN74LS162N, M 7632, PDIP, Malaysia55-000001871 in stock$4.00
74LS163, Signetics, 74LS163AN, 7933, PDIP55-000001903 in stock$4.00
74LS163, Texas Instruments, SN74LS163N, 7736, PDIP, El Salvador55-000001894 in stock$4.00
74LS163, Texas Instruments, SN74LS163N, Z7710, PDIP, Brazil55-000001881 in stock$4.00
74LS164, Texas Instruments, SN74LS164N, 7736, PDIP, El Salvador55-000001923 in stock$4.00
74LS164, Texas Instruments, SN74LS164N, M7731, PDIP, Malaysia55-000001933 in stock$4.00
74LS173, National, DM74LS173N, 550, PDIP55-000001951 in stock$4.00
74LS174, Signetics, 74LS174N, 7724, PDIP55-000001961 in stock$4.00
74LS175, National, DM74LS175N, P146*-P149*, PDIP55-000001982 in stock$4.00
74LS193, Signetics, N74LS193B, 7632, PDIP55-000002041 in stock$4.00
74LS195, Fairchild, 74LS195PC, 7709, PDIP, Indondesia55-000002091 in stock$4.00
74LS195, Texas Instruments, SN74LS195AN, 7740-7801, PDIP, El Salvador55-000002075 in stock$4.00
74LS195, Texas Instruments, SN74LS195AN, M7745, PDIP, Malaysia55-000002081 in stock$4.00
74LS20, National, DM74LS20N, 728, PDIP55-000000684 in stock$2.00
74LS20, Signetics, 74LS20N, 7751, PDIP55-000000691 in stock$2.00
74LS20, Texas Instruments, SN74LS20N, AZ7536, PDIP55-000000701 in stock$2.00
74LS21, Signetics, 74LS21N, 7746, PDIP55-000000742 in stock$2.00
74LS21, Texas Instruments, SN74LS21N, 7740, PDIP, El Salvador55-000000752 in stock$2.00
74LS241, Texas Instruments, SN74LS241N, P7801-P7814, PDIP, Singapore55-000002108 in stock$3.00
74LS244, National, DM74LS244N, B8147*, PDIP, Singapore55-000002111 in stock$3.00
74LS258, Fairchild, 74LS258PC, 7748, PDIP [P], Indonesia55-000002132 in stock$4.00
74LS258, Fairchild, 74LS258PC, 8243, PDIP, Indonesia55-000002142 in stock$4.00
74LS258, NEC, µPB74LS258C, K87015-828, PDIP55-000002121 in stock$4.00
74LS266, Texas Instruments, SN74LS266N, 7740, PDIP, El Salvador55-000002171 in stock$2.00
74LS273, Texas Instruments, SN74LS273J, 7940, CDIP [R], Taiwan55-000002181 in stock$2.00
74LS30, Fairchild, 9LS30 74LS30PC, 7624, PDIP55-000000841 in stock$2.00
74LS30, National, DM74LS30N, 431-741, PDIP55-0000008510 in stock$2.00
74LS32, Motorola, SN74LS32N, 7809, PDIP55-000000942 in stock$2.00
74LS32, National, DM74LS32N, 729, PDIP55-000000921 in stock$2.00
74LS32, Texas Instruments, SN74LS32N, 7749, PDIP, El Salvador55-000000936 in stock$2.00
74LS374, Texas Instruments, SN74LS374N, 4148, PDIP, Malaysia55-000002261 in stock$2.00
74LS390, Texas Instruments, SN74LS390N, 327X, PDIP, El Salvador55-000002273 in stock$4.00
74LS54, National, DM74LS54N, 707, PDIP55-000001152 in stock$2.00
74LS74, Fujitsu, MB74LS74A, 8112 T12, PDIP55-000001235 in stock$2.00
74LS74, National, DM74LS74N, 726-815, PDIP55-000001246 in stock$2.00
74LS74, Texas Instruments, SN74LS74N, 7919A, PDIP, El Salvador55-000001252 in stock$2.00
74LS75, National, DM74LS75N, 735 A+, PDIP55-000001351 in stock$2.00
74LS75, Signetics, 74LS75F, 7807, CDIP55-000001341 in stock$2.50
74LS83, Texas Instruments, SN74LS83AN, BZ7801, PDIP, Brazil55-000001371 in stock$2.00
74LS86, ITT, 74LS86N, 7741, PDIP55-000001421 in stock$2.00
74LS92, Texas Instruments, SN74LS92N, 7706, PDIP, Malayaia55-000001501 in stock$4.00
74LS93, Signetics, 74LS93N, 7748, PDIP55-000001491 in stock$4.00
74LS95, Signetics, 74LS95A, 7544, PDIP55-000001514 in stock$4.00
74LS95, Signetics, 74LS95B, 7806, PDIP55-000001521 in stock$4.00
74LS96, Texas Instruments, SN74LS96N, 7814, PDIP, El Salvador55-000001541 in stock$4.00
74LSS283, Hitachi, 74LS283N, 2G2 2-2G4 2, PDIP55-000002203 in stock$4.00
74S00, Texas Instruments, SN74S00N, J549AJK AHA7801, PDIP55-000000042 in stock$2.00
74S00, Transitron, TG74S00J, 7240, CDIP [R]55-000000052 in stock$2.00
74S02, Signetics, 74S02N, 7714, PDIP55-000000181 in stock$2.00
74S04, Signetics, 74S04N, 7714, PDIP55-000000267 in stock$2.00
74S04, Texas Instruments, SN74S04N, 8022, PDIP, El Salvador55-000000251 in stock$2.00
74S08, Signetics, 74S08F, 7713, CDIP55-000000481 in stock$2.50
74S08, Texas Instruments, SN74S08N, 7701, PDIP55-000000497 in stock$2.00
74S10, Signetics, 3013505-00 74S10N, 7713, PDIP55-000000551 in stock$2.00
74S133, Signetics, 74S133N, 7712, PDIP55-000001651 in stock$2.00
74S133, Texas Instruments, SN74S133N, 340A, PDIP [R], El Salvador55-000001671 in stock$1.50
74S133, Texas Instruments, SN74S133N, 7201, PDIP55-000001662 in stock$2.00
74S140, Fairchild, 74S140DC, 7805, CDIP, Korea55-000001711 in stock$2.50
74S157, Signetics, 74S157N, 7713, PDIP55-000001851 in stock$2.00
74S174, Signetics, 74S174N CH407N, 7719, PDIP55-0000019711 in stock$4.00
74S182, Signetics, 74S182N, 7713, PDIP55-000002013 in stock$3.00
74S20, Fairchild, 74S20/92S20DC, 7306, CDIP55-000000711 in stock$2.50
74S20, National, DM74S20N, 245, PDIP55-000000721 in stock$2.00
74S260, Texas Instruments, SN74S260N, 340A, PDIP Malaysia55-000002162 in stock$2.00
74S280, Signetics, 74S280N, 7713, PDIP55-000002191 in stock$4.00
74S30, Fairchild, 74S30/9S30 DC, 7529, CDIP55-000000861 in stock$2.50
74S373, Texas Instruments, SN74S373N, 7832X, PDIP, Malaysia55-000002251 in stock$2.00
74S74, Texas Instruments, SN74S74N, 601FT, PDIP, Malayaia55-000001271 in stock$2.00
74S74, Texas Instruments, SN74S74N, 7740, PDIP [R], El Salvador55-000001261 in stock$1.50

Important information for Customers outside the US: If you choose to ship via International Economy, Parastream can only guarantee that your shipment arrives at the point of entry into your country. The tracking number may not provide status once it reaches your country. Parastream will not be able to offer any assistance in tracking your shipment once it reaches your country. If you require complete end-to-end tracking and delivery guarantees, you should choose Standard International. More information...

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, check out our Common Repair Components or Free Untested Vintage Components.

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