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Korg BX-3 (Gen 1) Support

Analog Korg BX-3 circa 1980This is Korg’s dual-manual version of the original Korg CX-3. It is literally two CX-3 organs in one case with the added feature of vibrato and chorus. It is distinguishable from the second-generation BX-3 because its drawbars are to the left of each manual. This keyboard is known by several aliases, analog BX-3, BX-3 v1, and BX-3.1.

Because the two manuals are independent of each other, there are a few things you can do with a BX-3 you cannot do on a Hammond B3. For example, you can select percussion on the lower manual, and you can tune the manuals independent of each other.

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At this time, there are no upgrades available for the BX-3 (we’re working on some!).


We have nearly every part needed to repair a BX-3. The most common component failures on a BX-3 are, in decreasing order of occurrence, are:

With the exception of mechanical parts, a failure in other components almost never occurs. We do not recommend replacing parts other than those listed for “good measure,” especially transistors. The BX-3 circuits contain several transistors in matched pairs that should be replaced only if necessary.

Capacitor Kits

We highly recommend replacing all aluminum electrolytic capacitors, given the age of these organs and the problems we have seen over the years. We keep inventory low to keep part freshness as high as possible.

DescriptionPart NumberAvailabilityUnit Price (USD)Ordering
Electrolytic Capacitor Kit, Korg BX-3, Gen 192-9000050210 day lead time$76.00
Electrolytic Capacitor Kit, Korg KLM-308 Circuit Board92-9000010110 day lead time$19.00
Electrolytic Capacitor Kit, Korg KLM-244 Circuit Board92-9000020010 day lead time$18.00
Electrolytic Capacitor Kit, Korg KLM-245 Circuit Board92-9000030110 day lead time$31.00
Electrolytic Capacitor Kit, Korg KLM-246 Circuit Board92-9000040110 day lead time$24.00

Siemens ICs

DescriptionPart NumberAvailabilityUnit Price (USD)Ordering
IC, Siemens SM304A Keyboard Encoder, 40-DIP (NOS)39-0000304110 in stock$90.00
IC, Siemens SM305A3 Organ Tone Generator, 40-DIP (NOS)39-0000305132 in stock$90.00
IC, Siemens SM305B Organ Tone Generator, 40-DIP (NOS)39-0000305214 in stock$90.00


DescriptionPart NumberAvailabilityUnit Price (USD)Ordering
IC, Panasonic MN3101 Clock Generator for MN3000 Series BBD, 8-DIP (NOS)39-010031011 in stock$15.00
Tact Switch, 12mm x 12mm x 4.3mm Flat50-0100000126 in stock, more with 10 day lead time$1.75

Important information for Customers outside the US: If you choose to ship via International Economy, Parastream can only guarantee that your shipment arrives at the point of entry into your country. The tracking number may not provide status once it reaches your country. Parastream will not be able to offer any assistance in tracking your shipment once it reaches your country. If you require complete end-to-end tracking and delivery guarantees, you should choose Standard International. More information...

Repair Services

While the BX-3 is a small fraction of the size and weight of a Hammond B3, it is still a large and heavy beast. While you may send in the organ for repair, it may be less expensive for you to work with a local repair technician. We will then work with your technician to diagnose the problem, if needed. Your technician may send in just the internal circuit boards for repair, or order parts as needed to effect the repair. If you are your own technician and have basic electronic soldering skills, great!

Aside from the very well-known Siemens IC problems, a lesser known problem are leaky electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors can destroy circuit board traces, making repairs more difficult and repair job quotes nearly impossible. Because of this, most quotes are time and materials. We always do our best to give a low and high estimate. If we find an issue that did not show up in the initial estimate, we will notify you immediately so you may determine whether you want to add it to the job scope.

Use the Support request form to send a request for repair services.


We recently had a customer post a detailed step-by-step procedure for replacing keys in a Korg BX-3:

DYI Resources

If the information here was helpful to you, please consider making a donation to help us continue making content like this available.


IC Datasheets

Theory of Operation

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