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XGecu Universal Programmer Support

XGecu TL866-II PlusXEGecu T56Parastream is pleased to support the two current universal programmers from XGecu, the TL866-II Plus and the new T56. The TL866-II Plus is the programmer we use at Parastream to program most of our memory products, as well as testing any vintage logic ICs we sell.

You can buy one of these programmers at a variety of outlets including Amazon and eBay. The programmers come with a variety of adapters for non-DIP packages, so be sure the product bundle you order contains the adapters you need.

Please note: Go to your reseller or XGecu for product support. The only support we are offering is expanded support for logic IC testing.

Starting with the T56/TL866-II Plus Application Software version 10.70 (2021-16-Jan), you can import and export logic IC test vectors. Using this feature, you can download additional test vectors into your programmer application. A bug in the software allows duplicate IC models. As a workaround for this, we have downloads for all the latest logic chips as well as the individual ones.

The next sections cover the available downloads. Right-click and save the file to the location of your choice on your computer. If these downloads were helpful to you, please consider making a donation to help us continue making content like this available.

7400 Series

Xgpro 7400 Logic v1.01 Corrects some existing test vectors and adds some new ones. Requires software version 10.70 or later.

Part Added Comments
7441 v1.00 New.
7441A v1.00 New.
7441B v1.00 New.
7442 v1.00 Override. Adds test vectors for input codes 1010 through 1111.
7443 v1.00 New.
7444 v1.00 New.
7445 v1.00 New.
7446 v1.00 New.
7447 v1.00 Override. Changed output tests to open collector; adds test vectors for LT, BI/RBO, RBI, and input codes 1010 through 1111.
7448 v1.00 New.
7449 v1.00 New.
7454 v1.00 New.
7454(LS) v1.00 74LS54. Different pin-out and function from 7454.
7472 v1.00 New.
7483 v1.00 New.
7489 v1.00 New.
7495 v1.00 New.
7496 v1.00 New.
74141 v1.00 New.
74150 v1.00 New.
74155 v1.00 New.
74156 v1.00 New.
74176 v1.00 New.
74177 v1.01 New.
74196 v1.00 New.
74197 v1.01 New.
74246 v1.00 New.
74247 v1.00 New.
74248 v1.00 New.
74352 v1.00 New.


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