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Parastream WallGen™ is a valuable addition to any multi-platform development or testing operation. It can quickly generate a custom wallpaper that can help users positively identify a machine and configuration at a glance using text, graphics, and colors. WallGen can generate small "ID stickers" with text and small graphic (click for an example), or full-screen with a grid (click for an example).

WallGen is the tool we use internally in our development and QA departments. It’s a part of our successful formula in creating multiple-platform applications, components, and tools.

Key Benefits

  • Identifies machines and configurations in test and multi-user environments.
  • The grid option helps to design user interfaces for various screen sizes.
  • Can place your company logo on the desktop.


  • Create grids of various screen sizes to aid in creating user interfaces.
  • Automatically sets initial text for system name, OS name and version, locale, and browser name and version.
  • Notes gives you complete control of the text.
  • You can use the default Windows colors, or define your own.
  • You can import your own logo or graphic, or have none at all (not available in the demo version).


  • Multiple-platform testing environments, to identify the test machine’s configuration.
  • Consultants working on multiple projects, to identify the development workstation’s current project configuration.
  • System administrators who perform remote administration, to identify the machine they’re working on.


You may browse the on-line documentation here. You may also view the Readme file.


WallGen requires a license per user on any number of machines. If you do not install WallGen on a server, no additional licenses are ever needed. If WallGen is installed on a server for access by more than one user, you must purchase additional licenses for the number of users that may use WallGen. Each copy of WallGen comes with one license. If you wish to order WallGen on CD and require more than one license, you may order the additional copies as ESD instead of CD. The entire EULA is available for reading on-line.


There is a free demo available for WallGen. The free demo version is identical to the standard version except that it does not allow you do turn off the built-in Parastream logo in your generated wallpaper. There are no limits to the number of wallpapers that may be generated, and the program does not expire. The licensing of the free demo version basically says that you may freely distribute it as long as you don’t modify it or charge a fee. The entire Demo EULA is available for reading on-line.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 3.51, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 or better.
  • Minimum CPU and RAM requirements for the operating system.
  • VGA display running 640x480 16 colors, or better.

Pricing and Ordering

Below are the part numbers for the different versions of WallGen. Orders for CD media are shipped within 48 hours. ESD (Electronic Secure Delivery) orders will receive instructions to download the product by email within 30 minutes. To order, select the version from the list and click on the or button. If you have problems getting the order form to display after clicking the button, try disabling your popup blocker.

Important information for Customers outside the US: If you choose to ship via International Economy, Parastream can only guarantee that your shipment arrives at the point of entry into your country. The tracking number may not provide status once it reaches your country. Parastream will not be able to offer any assistance in tracking your shipment once it reaches your country. If you require complete end-to-end tracking and delivery guarantees, you should choose Standard International. More information...

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