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Why PagePorter?

Why should you consider upgrading your Visual Studio .NET development environment with PagePorter? As you read on, you’ll see how PagePorter enables developers to be more productive, more consistent, and less error-prone. Instead of focusing on the drudgery of page layout and keeping hyperlinks straight, your developers can spend more time on good design and coding. If you like what you read here, download the demo version and see what Visual Studio .NET can be as a web site development tool!

Create and maintain new web sites with unprecedented speed and ease with PagePorter.

Starting a web site from scratch? PagePorter’s support for themes, shared borders, site navigation, hyperlink management, and site variables make web development more productive and less error-prone than using Visual Studio .NET alone:

Feature Benefit
Themes Themes let you instantly apply text styles, colors, and graphics to your web site. Since they are fully compatible with Microsoft FrontPage themes, you can use the themes you already have in FrontPage, or you can download them from any of the hundreds of sources on the internet. Themes may be applied to an entire web site, or to individual pages.
Shared Borders Design up to four border web user controls for a consistent look and feel for your web site. Individual pages may include, exclude, or replace borders as desired.
Site Navigation Creating hyperlinks by hand or using a web user control on each page can be a drag. PagePorter has a graphical navigation editor that lets you build the site navigation structure using drag / drop. Then use the Link Bar control to render the navigation buttons in the shared borders, or directly on a page. It doesn’t get any easier than this!
Hyperlink Management With PagePorter, broken links are a thing of the past. All of the hyperlinks are kept in a database and updated when pages are moved, renamed, deleted, or converted.
Site Variables You may define your own substitution variables for use in the site’s pages. If you change the value of a variable, that change is reflected in every place it is used.

Existing FrontPage webs can be completely converted to Visual Studio .NET.

You may use the PagePorter Web Site wizard to create a new web site based on an existing FrontPage web. Then, you convert the FrontPage HTML pages to ASP.NET all in one batch, or one at a time.

Existing FrontPage webs can stay in FrontPage with new portions maintained in Visual Studio .NET.

You may use the PagePorter Web Site wizard to create a new web site based on an existing FrontPage web, using the "co-managed" project option. This lets you work on the site with Visual Studio .NET or FrontPage. You may convert some of the FrontPage HTML pages to ASP.NET pages, or create new ASP.NET pages in Visual Studio .NET. You may also edit or create new HTML pages in FrontPage. Site visitors won’t be able to see a difference between the FrontPage pages and the Visual Studio .NET pages.

Many web developers prefer the page layout environment of FrontPage over Visual Studio .NET.

Let’s face it, FrontPage has been around for many more years than Visual Studio .NET. In many cases, FrontPage is just more user-friendly; it has a spell checker, thesaurus, and a superior table editor over Visual Studio .NET. But Visual Studio .NET is a vastly superior programming environment. PagePorter lets your developers use FrontPage to lay out the pages – even using many of the FrontPage components – and import that page into the Visual Studio .NET project.

PagePorter Evolves with Visual Studio.

We’re committed to keeping PagePorter ahead of the curve in web development. Visual Studio 2005 will be a vast improvement over Visual Studio .NET 2003, and PagePorter will be there to take it to the next level.

Got more questions? Visit the PagePorter Frequently Asked Questions page.

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