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Project Publisher .NET

Parastream Project Publisher .NET™ is a replacement for the Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET Copy Project command, providing full or incremental publishing of web projects to a remote web server running Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions, or a network file share. A graphical view of the local web project and the remote server lets you see which files are going to be published, as well as allowing direct file transfers between the local project and remote server. A log file may also be viewed after publishing to see exactly what happened.

Key Benefits

  • You don’t have to copy the entire project to the remote server every time you make changes.
  • You can see exactly what got copied by viewing the log in the Visual Studio .NET output window.
  • You can manage the remote server files directly in the Remote Web Site window.
  • The publisher is an MDI tool window, which means you can continue to work on your project while you publish.


Project Publisher .NET requires a license per developer. A license may be used on any number of projects that are owned by either the developer or the developer’s employer. If you are a contract developer and turn over the project for the client’s maintenance, the client must purchase a copy of Project Publisher .NET. A contract developer that solely maintains their client’s projects does not need any additional licenses. Each copy of Project Publisher .NET comes with one license. If you wish to order Project Publisher .NET on CD and require more than one license, you may order the additional copies as ESD instead of CD. The entire EULA is available for reading on-line.


The demo version of Project Publisher .NET will function for at least 30 days after installation, and requires an active internet connection to operate. The demo version will report statistical data to Parastream to help us understand how the demo version is being used, and will be used to make improvements to future versions of Project Publisher .NET.

The licensing of the free demo version basically says that you may freely distribute it as long as you don’t modify it or charge a fee. The entire Demo EULA is available for reading on-line.


You may browse the on-line documentation here (coming soon).

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® 2000 SP3+, Windows XP, or Windows Server 2003.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET or Visual Studio .NET 2003. Visual Studio 2005 has native incremental publishing so Project Publisher .NET does not support Visual Studio 2005 or later.

Pricing and Ordering

This product is currently on hold.

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