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IMSAI Part Number Cross-Reference

Do you know the IMSAI part number for what you need, but don’t know if we have it? The following table should help. You may be able to order from your favorite distributor, but if you want real vintage date-coded parts, you may order them here.

IMSAI P/NParastream P/NDescriptionAvailabilityUnit Price (USD)Ordering
55-0000000255-0000000374LS00, National, DM74LS00N, 931, PDIP2 in stock$2.00
36-074020155-000000117402, Signetics, N7402A, 7441-7625, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
55-000000127402, ITT, 7402N, 7331, PDIP3 in stock$2.00
36-074020255-0000001574LS02, Fairchild, 74LS02 PC, 7626-7927, PDIP, Indonesia2 in stock$2.00
55-0000001674LS02, Signetics, 74LS02N, 7625-7737, PDIP2 in stock$2.00
55-0000001774LS02, Texas Instruments, SN74LS02N, M 7528, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
36-074040155-000000277404, Texas Instruments, SN7404N, 7347-7410, PDIP49 in stock$2.00
55-000000287404, Texas Instruments, SN7404N, 7806, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
55-000000297404, Texas Instruments, SN7404N, 7038-7052, PDIP3 in stock$2.00
55-000000307404, ITT, 7404 N, 7147-7208, PDIP2 in stock$2.00
55-000000317404, Motorola, MC7404P, 7404, PDIP2 in stock$2.00
55-000000327404, Signetics, N7404A, 7325, PDIP2 in stock$2.00
55-000000337404, National, DM/SN7404N NS8004N, 7151-7204, PDIP4 in stock$2.00
55-000000347404, Stewart Warner, SW7404N, 7328, PDIP2 in stock$2.00
36-074040255-0000002174LS04, Texas Instruments, SN74LS04N, G7615, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
55-0000002274LS04, National, DM74LS04N, 722-817, PDIP6 in stock$2.00
36-074050155-000000357405, Texas Instruments, SN7405N, 8018, PDIP, El Salvador1 in stock$2.00
55-000000377405, National, DM/SN7405N NS8005N, 145-205, PDIP3 in stock$2.00
36-074080155-000000437408, Motorola, MC7408P, 7244, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
55-000000447408, Motorola, MC7408P, 7239, PDIP Gold Leads2 in stock$3.00
55-000000457408, ITT, 7408N, 7240-7331, PDIP7 in stock$2.00
55-000000467408, National, DM/SN7408N NS8008N, 221, PDIP3 in stock$2.00
55-000000477408, Signetics, N7408A, 7247, PDIP6 in stock$2.00
36-074080255-0000005074LS08, Texas Instruments, SN74LS08N, 7806, PDIP, El Salvador2 in stock$2.00
36-074100155-000000577410, Texas Instruments, SN7410, 7120-7203, PDIP3 in stock$2.00
55-000000587410, Motorola, MC7410P, 7145, PDIP [R], Gold Leads1 in stock$2.50
36-074100255-0000005374LS10, Texas Instruments, SN74LS10N, 7749, PDIP, El Salvador1 in stock$2.00
55-0000005474LS10, Signetics, 3013505-00 74LS10, K7702, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
55-0000005674LS10, National, DM74LS10, 704, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
36-074200255-0000006874LS20, National, DM74LS20N, 728, PDIP4 in stock$2.00
55-0000006974LS20, Signetics, 74LS20N, 7751, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
55-0000007074LS20, Texas Instruments, SN74LS20N, AZ7536, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
36-074250155-000000767425, Texas Instruments, SN7425N, 7209A-7237, PDIP2 in stock$2.00
36-074270155-000000787427, Texas Instruments, SN7427N, 7131-7313, PDIP23 in stock$2.00
36-074300155-000000837430, Texas Instruments, SN7430N, 7038A-7042A, PDIP2 in stock$2.00
36-074300255-0000008474LS30, Fairchild, 9LS30 74LS30PC, 7624, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
55-0000008574LS30, National, DM74LS30N, 431-741, PDIP10 in stock$2.00
36-074320155-000000877432, ITT, 7432N, 7327-7331, PDIP3 in stock$2.00
55-000000887432, National, DM/SN7432N NS8032N, 213, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
55-000000897432, National, DM7432N, 244, PDIP6 in stock$2.00
55-000000907432, Texas Instruments, SN7432N, 7418, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
36-074740155-000001187474, National, DM/SN7474N 8510N, 113, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
36-074740255-0000012374LS74, Fujitsu, MB74LS74A, 8112 T12, PDIP5 in stock$2.00
55-0000012474LS74, National, DM74LS74N, 726-815, PDIP6 in stock$2.00
55-0000012574LS74, Texas Instruments, SN74LS74N, 7919A, PDIP, El Salvador2 in stock$2.00
36-074930155-000001457493, National, DM7493N, 448, PDIP1 in stock$4.00
55-000001467493, Signetics, N7493A, 7051, PDIP [R]1 in stock$3.50
55-000001477493, Texas Instruments, SN7493N, 7204A, PDIP1 in stock$4.00
55-000001487493, Texas Instruments, SN7493AN, 7545, PDIP1 in stock$4.00
36-741070155-0000015574107, Signetics, 74107A, 7541, PDIP2 in stock$4.00
36-741230155-0000015974123, Stewart Warner, SW74123J, 7339, CDIP [-]1 in stock$4.50
55-0000016074123, Signetics, N74123B, 7141, PDIP [-]1 in stock$3.00
55-0000016174123, Signetics, 74123 CY323 B, 7713, PDIP [-]1 in stock$3.00
36-741230255-0000016274LS123, National, DM74LS123N, 811, PDIP [-]1 in stock$3.00
36-721390255-0000017074LS139, Texas Instruments, SN74LS139N, 7745, PDIP, El Salvador1 in stock$2.00
36-741560255-0000018074LS156, National, DM74LS156N, 638, PDIP3 in stock$2.00
36-741570255-0000018374LS157, National, DM74LS157N, 720, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
55-0000018474LS157, Signetics, N74LS157B, 7620, PDIP1 in stock$2.00
36-741770155-0000020074177, National, DM74177N, 708, PDIP1 in stock$4.00

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